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Diet for weak heart

Dear Sir

My father has been recently diagnosed to have reduced pumping of heart (15%). His angiography was also done and was found to be normal. What special precautions we need to take with respect to food?

(AG, Delhi)

Dear Mr AG

From your description your father seems to be suffering from dilated cardiomyopathy where the heart’s muscle becomes very weak which causes fluid accumulation in the lungs leading to breathlessness. He needs to follow two important food precautions:

1.       Less fluid intake.

2.       Less salt intake. (And of course stop all salty foods including pickles, salty biscuits etc.)

Exactly how much salt and fluid restriction is appropriate for your father can be decided only after thorough clinical examination. Hence show him to your cardiologist, get him properly examined and then follow your cardiologist’s advice properly.

Hope this helps.

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