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Heart Disease And Smoking

Dear Sir

I have recently undergone angioplasty. My doctor has advised me to completely stop smoking. But I smoke very occsionaly, only at the time of some stress (my job profile has some stress element). Right now I don’t have any complaints and I am taking all my medicines properly. Do I really need to completely stop smoking even though I smoke very occasionally?

(ZK, Osmanabad)


The very fact that you have undergone angioplasty proves that your heart’s blood vessels are diseased and there is greater chance of heart attack than general public if proper care is not taken.

Your doctor has rightly advised you to completely stop smoking. Every cigarette smoked will keep on increasing the possibility of heart attack in future including closure of the stent that has been recently deployed in your heart’s vessel.

Smoking is one of the worst risk factors for occurrence and progression of blockages in the heart’s vessels which can lead to life threatening heart attack.

Hence even if you are feeling perfectly fine  and are taking medicines properly, DO NOT SMOKE even occasionally.

Hope this helps. Thanks.

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