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Heaviness In Chest

Hello sir

I am a diabetic since 5 years and my age is 52 years. Recently I have started to have feeling of heaviness in the middle of chest and left shoulder whenever I am climbing stairs or walking fast. I got my ECG and 2d echo test done. As per my cardiologist, both are normal. But he has still advised me to undergo an angiography. What is your opinion sir?

(NK, Faridabad)

Dear Mr NK

I agree with the decision of your cardiologist because:

1.       Your complaints are very classical of blockage in heart’s blood vessels.

2.       Being a diabetic, you are at a higher risk of getting heart problems.

3.       A normal ECG or echo does not completely rule out heart vessel blockages. It just tells that yet no structural damage has occurred to the heart

So under the current circumstances, an angiography appears to be the logical step in your evaluation.  But as I always say, only the doctor who has seen you personally can give the best advice. So please discuss with your cardiologist and follow his advice.

Thanks. Hope this helps.

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