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Is Angiography Needed?

Hi, myself DS

My doctor has suggested me angiography test.

 I have some questions:

1. Is possible to take medicine instead of angioplasty after angiography? Because I have no any symptoms like pain in chest, fast breathing. My problem is my left hand pained only 4 times in 6 month for 5 min when I was walking. Last pain was on 6th March 2018. After that I don't have any problem in heart.

So please tell me, do I need angiography ? Or take a beta blocker, ecosprin, blood pressure and sugar medicine.

(Mr DS, Varanasi)

Dear Mr DS
The best answer to the question that whether you require angiography or not, can be given only after properly going through all your clinical details including physical examination by a doctor (preferable a cardiologist). Sometimes even left hand pain can be due to heart problem. So, as you can understand, the doctor who has attended you is the best person to answer this.
Medicines form just one part of the overall treatment in a case of heart disease. 
After angiography, whether you will need angioplasty or just medicines, depends on the severity, location, number etc. of the blockages found. So this can be decided only after the angiography is done.
So, after your angiography is done, please discuss all this with your cardiologist in details to make the things more clear.
Thanks. Hope this helps.

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