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Need Of Tablet Sorbitrate

Dear sir

I have recently undergone angioplasty. After my angioplasty, the doctor showed us that the blockage in my heart’s vessel has been completely opened up. Also I don’t have any chest pain at all. Still my doctor has advised me to keep a tablet called SORBITRATE always with me which should be taken in case I again have a chest pain. Do I really need to keep this tablet always with me when I really don’t have any problem?

(BKT, Hoshangabad, MP)

Dear Mr BKT

It’s great that you don’t have any complaints. Your doctor seems to have done a fantastic job.

But even after the perfect angioplasty with the best stent, there is always some (although very minimal) risk of re-blockage in the stent. Also, any pre-existing minor blockage may grow and become significant (despite taking all medicines properly; although with proper medications, the possibility is extremely less).

In either of the situations, you can develop chest pain and even a heart attack!!

Hence your doctor must have advised you to keep Tab Sorbitrate (a medicine which temporarily increases the diameter of heart’s blood vessels) always with you, so that it can be taken in such emergency situation to prevent any major mishap. And in case such a situation arises, after taking Tab Sorbitrate, meet your cardiologist at the earliest.

Hope this helps.

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