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Stopping BP Medicines

Dear sir

I am a 56 years old man and taking two tablets for blood pressure since last seven years. My BP remains well controlled (never more than 140/90). Also I don’t have any complaints at all. Can I stop these medicines totally? Is there any reason to continue the medicine when my BP is normal and I have no complaints at all?

​(HKG, Mumbai)

Dear Mr HKG

It is really great that your BP is well controlled. Congratulations for that. But this does not mean that you don’t need the medicines anymore. The BP is under control due to the medicines. If you stop the medicines the BP is very likely to increase significantly. The very fact that you are requiring two medicines for BP control means that you cannot stop BP medicines completely.  The worst thing about this disease is that the BP can keep on increasing significantly without producing any complaints at all and then one day suddenly it may present with a life threatening event.

Hence even if you have no complaints and your BP is perfectly under control, please DO NOT STOP  the BP medicine without asking your doctor.

Hope this helps.

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