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Sir, My father has been advised angiography for chest pain problem. Can you please explain me about angiography?

(Puneet Malkhani)

Hi Puneet. Angiography is a series of X-rays of the coronary arteries (blood vessels of heart) imaged after injection of a radio-opaque dye. The coronary angiography is the most accurate way to measure the severity of blockages in heart vessels. During an angiography, a thin, long, flexible tube (catheter) is inserted into an artery in the forearm or groin. The tip of the tube is pushed up the body’s main artery until it reaches the heart. Then it is pushed into the coronary arteries. Dye is injected to show blood flow within the coronary arteries. It identifies any areas of narrowing or blockage. This is usually done under local anesthesia and takes around 15 minutes (but this duration may be vary from patient to patient). See the figures below to understand better.

Your doctor must be suspecting presence of such blockages, hence he advised this test. Hope this resolves your query. Ask me if you want to know more. (Please see Disclaimer*)



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